ApiLoc - A database of published protein sub-cellular localisation in Apicomplexa

version 3 (curated until May 28, 2011)


Proteins in this localisation are known in Plasmodium falciparum, Toxoplasma gondii.

This specific localisation comes under the other umbrella.

There may also be proteins excluded from this location, i.e. not vesicle

Plasmodium falciparum

Also known as membrane bound vesicles, vesicles, vesicles like structures. View all proteins localised in Plasmodium falciparum.

  • PF10_0303 (Pfs25, P25) 25 kDa ookinete surface antigen precursor
  • PF10_0368 (DYN2) dynamin-like protein
  • PF13_0119 (Rab11A, Rab11) Rab GTPase 11a
  • PFL1090w (GAP45) glideosome-associated protein 45
  • PFA0590w (MRP, MRP1) ABC transporter, (CT family), putative

Toxoplasma gondii

Also known as vesicles. View all proteins localised in Toxoplasma gondii.

  • TGME49_089770 (AP-1 u1 chain, ยต1) mu1 adaptin
  • TGME49_089680 (Rab11, Rab11A) Ras family domain-containing protein
  • TGME49_014940 (M2AP, proTgM2AP) MIC2-associated protein M2AP
  • TGME49_048670 (VP1, V-H+-PPase, VP-1) H+-translocating inorganic pyrophosphatase TVP, putative