ApiLoc - A database of published protein sub-cellular localisation in Apicomplexa

version 3 (curated until May 28, 2011)

Not parasite plasma membrane

Proteins in this localisation are known in Plasmodium falciparum.

This specific localisation comes under the not parasite plasma membrane umbrella.

There may also be proteins not excluded from this localisation, i.e. parasite plasma membrane

Plasmodium falciparum

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  • PFB0120w (ETRAMP2, Etramp 2, Etramp2) early transcribed membrane protein 2
  • PFD1120c (ETRAMP4, SEP4, Etramp 4, Etramp4) early transcribed membrane protein 4
  • PF10_0019 (ETRAMP10.1) early transcribed membrane protein 10.1
  • PFD0310w (Pfs16) sexual stage-specific protein precursor
  • PFL0795c (mdv-1, peg3, mdv1, Mdv-1, Peg3) male development gene 1
  • PF14_0723 (CCp1) LCCL domain-containing protein
  • PF14_0532 (CCp2) LCCL domain-containing protein
  • PF14_0067 (CCp3) LCCL domain-containing protein
  • PF11_0098 (ERC, ERC1, Pfs40, Pf39) endoplasmic reticulum-resident calcium binding protein
  • PF14_0102 (RAP-1 p86, RAP-1 p82, RAP-1 p67, RAP1, RAP-1) rhoptry-associated protein 1
  • PFF1370w (PK4) protein kinase PK4
  • PF10_0356 (LSA-1) liver stage antigen 1
  • PFE0395c (Pf38) 6-cysteine protein
  • MAL7P1.208 (RAMA p60, RAMA) rhoptry-associated membrane antigen
  • PFE0120c (MSP-8) merozoite surface protein 8,ring-stage membrane protein 1
  • PFI1475w (MSP1, MSP-1, msp1 unprocessed, msp1, Msp-1 19, MSP1 19) merozoite surface protein 1
  • MAL7P1.176 (EBA-175, EBA175) erythrocyte binding antigen-175
  • MAL13P1.130 (GAPM1) glideosome associated protein with multiple membrane spans 1
  • PF14_0065 (GAPM3) glideosome associated protein with multiple membrane spans 3, putative
  • PF13_0011 (g27) gamete antigen 27/25
  • PF11_0344 (AMA-1, AMA1) apical membrane antigen 1
  • PFA0590w (MRP, MRP1) ABC transporter, (CT family), putative
  • PY05977 (MAEBL) erythrocyte binding protein
  • PBANKA_145950 (MTIP) myosin A tail domain interacting protein MTIP, putative
  • PBANKA_090710 (IMC1b) inner membrane complex protein 1b
  • TGME49_019280 (ALP1) actin, putative
  • TGME49_068860 (ENO1) enolase 1
  • TGME49_068850 (ENO2) enolase 2
  • TGME49_110780 (GRA4) hypothetical protein
  • TGME49_057120 (ST1) glucose transporter, putative
  • TGME49_001260 (ST3) sugar transporter, putative
  • TGME49_093900 (SPATR) hypothetical protein
  • AB480715 (RAP-1b) gi|255708245|dbj|AB480715.1| Babesia gibsoni BgRAP-1b mRNA for rhoptry-associated protein-1b, complete cds
  • AB480716 (RAP-1c) gi|255708247|dbj|AB480716.1| Babesia gibsoni BgRAP-1c mRNA for rhoptry-associated protein-1c, complete cds