ApiLoc - A database of published protein sub-cellular localisation in Apicomplexa

version 3 (curated until May 28, 2011)

Specifically localised during 'extracellular sporozoite'

Proteins expressed during this time are known in Plasmodium berghei, Cryptosporidium parvum, Eimeria tenella.

This specific developmental stage comes under the sporozoite umbrella.

Plasmodium berghei

  • PBANKA_145950 (MTIP) myosin A tail domain interacting protein MTIP, putative

Cryptosporidium parvum

Also known as excysted sporozoite, excysted sporozoites, free sporozoite.

  • cgd6_1080 (gp40/15, gp15, gp-15, GP15, GP40, gp40) conserved hypothetical protein
  • cgd6_4970 (n60, Cpn60, Hsp60) Hsp60; GroEL-like chaperone (ATpase), predicted mitochondrial
  • cgd7_1730 (a135) CpCCp1/Cpa135
  • cgd7_4020 (GP900, gp900) cryptopsoridial mucin, large thr stretch, signal peptide sequence
  • cgd6_2090 (COWP-190, COWP, COWP1) CpCOWP1, oocyst wall protein with type I and type II cysteine-rich repeats

Eimeria tenella

Also known as isolated extracellular sporozoite.

  • AJ245536 (MIC5) gi|5708121|emb|AJ245536.1| Eimeria tenella mRNA for microneme protein 5 (mic-5 gene)
  • AJ586531 (SAG1) gi|38602660|emb|AJ586531.2| Eimeria tenella mRNA for surface antigen 1 (sag1 gene)
  • AJ586543 (SAG13) gi|37699787|emb|AJ586543.1| Eimeria tenella mRNA for surface antigen 13 (sag13 gene)