ApiLoc - A database of published protein sub-cellular localisation in Apicomplexa

version 3 (curated until May 28, 2011)

Specifically localised during 'emerged gametocyte'

Proteins expressed during this time are known in Plasmodium falciparum.

This specific developmental stage comes under the gametocyte umbrella.

Plasmodium falciparum

Also known as activated gametocyte, after gametocyte emergence, emerged gamete, red cell-membrane free gametocytes.

  • PF10_0303 (Pfs25, P25) 25 kDa ookinete surface antigen precursor
  • PF11_0313 (P0) 60S ribosomal protein P0
  • PF14_0067 (CCp3) LCCL domain-containing protein