ApiLoc - A database of published protein sub-cellular localisation in Apicomplexa

version 3 (curated until May 28, 2011)

Food vacuole

Proteins expressed during this time are known in Plasmodium berghei, Plasmodium falciparum, Plasmodium vivax.

More specific localisations within the food vacuole umbrella with a localised protein: food vacuole, food vacuole membrane, food vacuole lumen

Some proteins may have been specifically not localised here as well.

Plasmodium berghei

Plasmodium falciparum

  • MAL7P1.27 (CRT) chloroquine resistance transporter
  • PF14_0076 (FAF-2, aspartic hemoglobinase I, PMI, PM1, Plasmepsin I, PM I) plasmepsin I
  • PF14_0077 (PM II, PM2, PMII, Plasmepsin II) plasmepsin II
  • PF14_0078 (HAP) plasmepsin III,histo-aspartic protease
  • PF14_0075 (PM IV, PM4) plasmepsin IV
  • PF11_0165 (Falcipain-2, FP2) cysteine proteinase falcipain 2a
  • PF13_0322 (FLN) falcilysin
  • PFD0310w (Pfs16) sexual stage-specific protein precursor
  • PFL0795c (mdv-1, peg3, mdv1, Mdv-1, Peg3) male development gene 1
  • MAL13P1.56 (A-M1) M1-family alanyl aminopeptidase
  • PF14_0517 (APP) aminopeptidase P
  • PF11_0162 (Falcipain-3, FP3) cysteine proteinase falcipain 3
  • PF13_0065 (Vacuolar ATP H+ Synthase subunit a) vacuolar ATP synthase subunit a
  • PFD0305c (Vacuolar ATP H+ Synthase subunit b) vacuolar ATP synthase subunit b
  • PFE0545c (TCTP) translationally controlled tumor protein homolog, putative
  • PF11_0465 (DYN1) dynamin-like protein
  • PF14_0574 (FCP) conserved Plasmodium protein, unknown function
  • PFE0120c (MSP-8) merozoite surface protein 8,ring-stage membrane protein 1
  • PFI1475w (MSP1, MSP-1, msp1 unprocessed, msp1, Msp-1 19, MSP1 19) merozoite surface protein 1
  • PF11_0174 (DPAP1) cathepsin C, homolog,dipeptidyl peptidase 1
  • PF11_0139 (PRL, EP) protein tyrosine phosphatase
  • PFB0100c (KAHRP, HRP1) knob-associated histidine-rich protein
  • PFE1150w (Pdh1, mdr1) multidrug resistance protein
  • PF13_0218 (MDR5) ABC transporter (MDR family), putative
  • PFI0880c (GAP50, SAP) glideosome-associated protein 50,secreted acid phosphatase
  • PFE0765w (PI3K) phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase
  • PF13_0229 (IRPa) aconitase
  • PF13_0353 NADH-cytochrome b5 reductase, putative

Plasmodium vivax