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TGME49_121570 (FABZ)

(3R)-hydroxymyristoyl ACP dehydrase, putative, a gene from Toxoplasma gondii

Compiled localisation
apicoplast during bradyzoite and tachyzoite

Who localised this protein by microscopy?

Dautu, G., Ueno, A., Munyaka, B., Carmen, G., Makino, S., Kobayashi, Y., Igarashi, M.
Molecular and biochemical characterization of Toxoplasma gondii beta-hydroxyacyl-acyl carrier protein dehydratase (FABZ). (2008 May, Parasitol Res) PubMed / full text
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apicoplast during bradyzoite and tachyzoite
  • "Indirect immunofluorescence antibody test further shows the localization of TgFABZ protein in the apicoplast of both tachyzoites and bradyzoites."
  • Microscopy type: Light
  • Microscopy method: polyclonal antibody directly to protein
  • Strain: Beverley
  • Gene model mapping comments: annotation searched and FabZ is the proposed gene name according to ToxoDB 5.0
  • Localisation record: apicoplast during tachyzoite and bradyzoite
  • Other genes localised in this publication: acyl carrier protein, bradyzoite antigen, putative



Part of OrthoMCL group OG4_13556

Localised Genes in this Group
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  • PF13_0128 beta-hydroxyacyl-ACP dehydratase precursor
  • PBANKA_133820 beta-hydroxyacyl-ACP dehydratase precursor, putative
  • PY01586 beta-hydroxyacyl-ACP dehydratase precursor
  • PVX_116720 beta-hydroxyacyl-ACP dehydratase precursor, putative
  • PCHAS_134280 beta-hydroxyacyl-ACP dehydratase precursor, putative
  • PKH_123010 beta-hydroxyacyl-ACP dehydratase precursor, putative
  • NCLIV_004340 hypothetical protein
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Amino Acid Sequence

>TGME49_121570 (3R)-hydroxymyristoyl ACP dehydrase, putative

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