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TGME49_116190 (SOD3, SODB3) *

* The amino acid sequence is recorded as differing between ApiLoc and the genome database. See the gene model mapping comments in each localisation for more information.

superoxide dismutase, putative, a gene from Toxoplasma gondii

Compiled localisation
mitochondrion during intracellular tachyzoite

Who localised this protein by microscopy?

Pino, P., Foth, B. J., Kwok, L. Y., Sheiner, L., Schepers, R., Soldati, T., Soldati-Favre, D.
Dual targeting of antioxidant and metabolic enzymes to the mitochondrion and the apicoplast of Toxoplasma gondii. (2007 Aug 31, PLoS Pathog) PubMed / full text
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mitochondrion during intracellular tachyzoite

Ding, M., Kwok, L. Y., Schluter, D., Clayton, C., Soldati, D.
The antioxidant systems in Toxoplasma gondii and the role of cytosolic catalase in defence against oxidative injury. (2004 Jan, Mol Microbiol) PubMed / full text
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mitochondrion during intracellular tachyzoite



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Amino Acid Sequence

>TGME49_116190 superoxide dismutase, putative

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