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TGME49_050710 (MIC10)

microneme protein 10, a gene from Toxoplasma gondii

Compiled localisation
microneme during bradyzoite and tachyzoite
during bradyzoite

Who localised this protein by microscopy?

Chen, Z., Harb, O. S., Roos, D. S.
In silico identification of specialized secretory-organelle proteins in apicomplexan parasites and in vivo validation in Toxoplasma gondii. (2008, PLoS One) PubMed / full text
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microneme during tachyzoite

Hoff, E. F., Cook, S. H., Sherman, G. D., Harper, J. M., Ferguson, D. J., Dubremetz, J. F., Carruthers, V. B.
Toxoplasma gondii: molecular cloning and characterization of a novel 18-kDa secretory antigen, TgMIC10. (2001 Feb, Exp Parasitol) PubMed / full text
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microneme during bradyzoite and tachyzoite, during bradyzoite
  • "Section of brain showing a group of tachyzoites immunostained with anti-rTgMIC10 (red) and anti-TgSAG1 (green). Bar, 5 um. (B) Brain section immunostained with anti-rTgMIC10 (green) and anti-TgROP2,3,4 (red), showing the separate location of the two targets within the apical region of the tachyzoites."
  • Microscopy type: Light, cryo-immunoEM
  • Microscopy method: polyclonal antibody directly to protein
  • Strain: RH, 2F
  • Gene model mapping comments: Blast from AF293654, annotation matches
  • Localisation record: microneme during tachyzoite, reduced and microneme during bradyzoite
  • Other genes localised in this publication: SRS29B (= SAG1, P30), Rhoptry kinase family protein ROP2A (incomplete catalytic triad), microneme protein MIC4



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Amino Acid Sequence

>TGME49_050710 microneme protein 10

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