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PY04421 (HEP17, exp-1)

U43539 hepatocyte erythrocyte protein 17 kDa, a gene from Plasmodium yoelii

Compiled localisation
parasitophorous vacuole membrane during hepatic
during schizont

Who localised this protein by microscopy?

Pei, Y., Tarun, A. S., Vaughan, A. M., Herman, R. W., Soliman, J. M., Erickson-Wayman, A., Kappe, S. H.
Plasmodium pyruvate dehydrogenase activity is only essential for the parasite's progression from liver infection to blood infection. (2010 Jan 5, Mol Microbiol) PubMed / full text
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during schizont

Charoenvit, Y., Mellouk, S., Sedegah, M., Toyoshima, T., Leef, M. F., De la Vega, P., Beaudoin, R. L., Aikawa, M., Fallarme, V., Hoffman, S. L.
Plasmodium yoelii: 17-kDa hepatic and erythrocytic stage protein is the target of an inhibitory monoclonal antibody. (1995 May, Exp Parasitol) PubMed / full text
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parasitophorous vacuole membrane during hepatic
  • "The protein recognized by this Mab is present on the parasitophorous vacuole membrane of infected hepatocytes and erythrocyte as demonstrated by immunoelectron microscopy"
  • Microscopy type: Light, EM
  • Microscopy method: monoclonal antibody
  • Strain: 17XNL
  • Gene model mapping comments: Taken from U43538.1, which is from pubmed 8663412. Incorrect gene model?
  • Localisation record: PVM during liver stages
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Part of OrthoMCL group OG4_48217

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  • PCHAS_091760 circumsporozoite-related antigen
  • PKH_091900 circumsporozoite-related antigen, putative
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Amino Acid Sequence

>PY04421 U43539 hepatocyte erythrocyte protein 17 kDa


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