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PVX_123575 (TRAMP)

thrombospondin-related protein 3 precursor, putative, a gene from Plasmodium vivax

Compiled localisation
merozoite surface and microneme

Who localised this protein by microscopy?

Mongui, A., Angel, D. I., Moreno-Perez, D. A., Villarreal-Gonzalez, S., Almonacid, H., Vanegas, M., Patarroyo, M. A.
Identification and characterization of the Plasmodium vivax thrombospondin-related apical merozoite protein. (2010, Malar J) PubMed / full text
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merozoite surface and microneme
  • "This has lead the authors to suggest that PfTRAMP originates at the micronemes and relocalizes to merozoite surface before initiation of RBC invasion."
  • Microscopy type: Light
  • Microscopy method: polyclonal antibody to epitopes AVGAGSQLGQAAQESDVNRK, NSQFTNEKVLEVYSSKEENV and DVKNPSEFEILSEPIKFSIS
  • Strain: VCG-1
  • Gene model mapping comments: taken directly from publication
  • Localisation record: micronemes and merozoite surface
  • Comment: stage information not found
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Part of OrthoMCL group OG4_48367

Localised Genes in this Group
Other Apicomplexan Genes in this Group
  • PY04732 thrombospondin-related protein 3 precursor
  • PCHAS_143560 thrombospondin-related apical membrane protein, putative
  • PKH_143510 conserved Plasmodium protein, unknown function
Non-Apicomplexan Genes in this OrthoMCL Group with Gene Ontology 'Inferred from Direct Assay (IDA)' Cellular Component Terms
    There are no non-apicomplexan genes that have manually annotated evidence codes.

Amino Acid Sequence

>PVX_123575 thrombospondin-related protein 3 precursor, putative


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