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PFL0145c (HMGB1)

high mobility group protein, a gene from Plasmodium falciparum

Compiled localisation
nucleus during gametocyte and schizont and trophozoite
not cytoplasm during gametocyte

Who localised this protein by microscopy?

Briquet, S., Boschet, C., Gissot, M., Tissandie, E., Sevilla, E., Franetich, J. F., Thiery, I., Hamid, Z., Bourgouin, C., Vaquero, C.
High-mobility-group box nuclear factors of Plasmodium falciparum. (2006 Apr, Eukaryot Cell) PubMed / full text
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nucleus during gametocyte and schizont and trophozoite, not cytoplasm during gametocyte
  • "Finally, immunofluorescence studies revealed differential subcellular localizations: both factors were observed in the nucleus of asexual- and sexual-stage cells, and PfHMGB2 was also detected in the cytoplasm of gametocytes."
  • Microscopy type: Light
  • Microscopy method: polyclonal antibody directly to protein
  • Strain: 3D7
  • Gene model mapping comments: Taken directly from paper, blast from primer
  • Localisation record: Nucleus during troph and schizont, nucleus and not cytoplasm during gametocyte
  • Comment: The level of PfHMGB1 expression was clearly lower in gametocytes than in mixed asexual stages, in contrast to PfHMGB2, whose expression was higher in gametocytes.
  • Other genes localised in this publication: high mobility group protein



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>PFL0145c high mobility group protein

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