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PF13_0119 (Rab11A, Rab11)

Rab GTPase 11a, a gene from Plasmodium falciparum

Compiled localisation
vesicle during schizont
rhoptry during late schizont
parasite plasma membrane during schizont and trophozoite
under parasite plasma membrane during merozoite

Who localised this protein by microscopy?

Agop-Nersesian, C., Naissant, B., Ben Rached, F., Rauch, M., Kretzschmar, A., Thiberge, S., Menard, R., Ferguson, D. J., Meissner, M., Langsley, G.
Rab11A-controlled assembly of the inner membrane complex is required for completion of apicomplexan cytokinesis. (2009 Jan, PLoS Pathog) PubMed / full text
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rhoptry during late schizont, parasite plasma membrane during schizont and trophozoite, under parasite plasma membrane during merozoite
  • "Figure 1. PfRab11A has a dynamic localisation. (AC) Throughout the erythrocytic stage of parasite development the localisation of PfRab11A changes. (A) Rhoptry localisation was confirmed in mature schizonts by immuno-staining infected blood smears with anti-PfRab11A and co-localisation (enlargement shown boxed in merge) demonstrated with anti-PfRhopH2 (rhoptry specific marker) antibodies. The bright-field image shows a mature schizont with the nuclei stained with Dapi. (B) PfRab11A co-localises partially with PfMSP1 (plasma membrane specific marker) in trophozoites (i, ii) and schizonts (iii). The merged images show co-localisation of the two proteins, giving single dots. In merozoites (iv), the localisation of PfMSP1 and PfRab11A is now distinct with PfRab11A having an apical localisation slightly under the plasma membrane decorated by PfMSP1. (C) The first two panels show the bright-field (phase) and Dapi, respectively. The last panel in all images shows an overlay. In young (i) and segmented (ii) schizonts, PfRab11A partially co-localises with PfGAP45 (Glidosome Associated Protein 45 used as an Inner Membrane Complex specific marker). "
  • Microscopy type: Light
  • Microscopy method: polyclonal antibody directly to protein
  • Strain: 3D7
  • Gene model mapping comments: inferred from another publication
  • Localisation record: rhoptry during mature schizont, PM during troph and schizont, under PM during merozoite
  • Other genes localised in this publication: merozoite surface protein 1, high molecular weight rhoptry protein 2, glideosome-associated protein 45, Rab GTPase 11a, Ras family domain-containing protein, MIC2-associated protein M2AP, Rhoptry kinase family protein ROP5 (incomplete catalytic triad)

Quevillon, E., Spielmann, T., Brahimi, K., Chattopadhyay, D., Yeramian, E., Langsley, G.
The Plasmodium falciparum family of Rab GTPases. (2003 Mar 13, Gene) PubMed / full text
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vesicle during schizont
  • "In contrast, PfRab11A is expected to be specific for recycling endosomes ( Ullrich et al., 1996), and the antibodies decorate vesicular-like structures ( Fig. 6C,D) that do not co-localize with Pf39 ( Fig. 6G). "
  • Microscopy type: Light
  • Microscopy method: antibody
  • Strain:
  • Gene model mapping comments: Blast from X93161, annotation matches
  • Localisation record: Vesicles during schizont
  • Comment: strain information not found
  • Other genes localised in this publication: Rab GTPase 1a, endoplasmic reticulum-resident calcium binding protein



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