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PF11_0302 (PV-1)

parasitophorous vacuolar protein 1, a gene from Plasmodium falciparum

Compiled localisation
maurer's cleft and parasitophorous vacuole during trophozoite

Who localised this protein by microscopy?

Nyalwidhe, J., Lingelbach, K.
Proteases and chaperones are the most abundant proteins in the parasitophorous vacuole of Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes. (2006 Mar, Proteomics) PubMed / full text
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maurer's cleft and parasitophorous vacuole during trophozoite
  • "The protein encoded by PfPV-1 is concentrated in a distinct ring surrounding the parasite cell, and this location is distinct from that of the erythrocyte membrane (Fig. 4A). It colocalizes with the vacuolar marker protein PfEXP-2 (Fig. 4B) and with PfSBP1 (Fig. 4C), suggesting that it is present not only in the PV but also in Maurers clefts."
  • Microscopy type: Light
  • Microscopy method: polyclonal antibody directly to protein
  • Strain: FCBR
  • Gene model mapping comments: Taken directly from publication, blast from NCTEAQQQAQEQTQEQTEE
  • Localisation record: PV and Maurer's clefts during trophozoite
  • Other genes localised in this publication: exported protein 2, skeleton-binding protein 1



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Amino Acid Sequence

>PF11_0302 parasitophorous vacuolar protein 1

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