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NCLIV_001970 (ROP2)

hypothetical protein, a gene from Neospora caninum

Compiled localisation
apical during tachyzoite

Who localised this protein by microscopy?

Marugan-Hernandez, V., Alvarez-Garcia, G., Tomley, F., Hemphill, A., Regidor-Cerrillo, J., Ortega-Mora, L. M.
Identification of novel rhoptry proteins in Neospora caninum by LC/MS-MS analysis of subcellular fractions. (2011 May 1, J Proteomics) PubMed / full text
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apical during tachyzoite
  • "The anti-TgRON4 antibody was used to localize its orthologue in N. caninum, NcRON4. The protein was observed on the apical complex by immunofluorescence (Fig.ᅠ3A), where it was co-localized with NcROP2 (Fig.ᅠ3B)."
  • Microscopy type: Fixed Light
  • Microscopy method: antibody
  • Strain: Nc-Liv
  • Gene model mapping comments: blast from primer CTCGAGTTATAGCCTCGTGTCCTCCGT
  • Localisation record: apical complex during tachyzoite
  • Other genes localised in this publication: hypothetical protein, conserved



Part of OrthoMCL group OG4_29109

Localised Genes in this Group
Other Apicomplexan Genes in this Group
  • TGME49_075300 Rhoptry kinase family protein ROP2B (incomplete catalytic triad)
  • NCLIV_001950 Rhoptry protein ROP7 (EC, related
Non-Apicomplexan Genes in this OrthoMCL Group with Gene Ontology 'Inferred from Direct Assay (IDA)' Cellular Component Terms
    There are no non-apicomplexan genes that have manually annotated evidence codes.

Amino Acid Sequence

>NCLIV_001970 hypothetical protein


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