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No assigned gene identifier (o-MIC1)

A gene from Babesia bovis

Compiled localisation
during intraerythrocytic

Who localised this protein by microscopy?

Silva, M. G., Ueti, M. W., Norimine, J., Florin-Christensen, M., Bastos, R. G., Goff, W. L., Brown, W. C., Oliva, A., Suarez, C. E.
Babesia bovis expresses a neutralization-sensitive antigen that contains a microneme adhesive repeat (MAR) domain. (2010 Jun, Parasitol Int) PubMed / full text
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during intraerythrocytic
  • "The anti-rBbo-MIC1 protein mouse antiserum and both rabbit anti-peptide 1 and 2 antisera specifically recognized antigens in B. bovis infected erythrocytes in immunofluorescence (Fig. 1, panels A, B, C, respectively)."
  • Microscopy type: Fixed light
  • Microscopy method: antibody to epitopes KEYIHEIKAATLNSLIRKNC and GCYRDDEVSYDI
  • Strain: Mo7
  • Gene model mapping comments: blast from FJ613638, no gene model hits
  • Localisation record: during infected erythrocytes
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