ApiLoc - A database of published protein sub-cellular localisation in Apicomplexa

version 3 (curated until May 28, 2011)


Proteins expressed during this time are known in Plasmodium falciparum, Plasmodium knowlesi, Plasmodium yoelii, Plasmodium berghei, Toxoplasma gondii, Babesia bovis, Cryptosporidium parvum, Plasmodium gallinaceum, Plasmodium malariae, Eimeria tenella.

The sporozoite umbrella developmental stage includes proteins described as being expressed at: sporozoite, host cell exposed extracellular sporozoite, sporozoite parasitophorous vacuole 1, unexcysted sporozoite, 11-16 days after mosquito infective blood meal, sporozoite invasion, sporozoite 48 days after infection, sporozoites in the presence of host hepatocytes, intracellular sporozoite, hepatocyte sporozoite, extracellular sporozoite, sporozoite 12 hours post inoculation, freshly excysted sporozoite, salivary gland sporozoite, hemocoel sporozoite, sporozoite 21 days after infection, sporozoite 18 hours post inoculation, hemolymph sporozoite, sporozoite 24 days after infection, sporozoites ruptured into midgut epithelial cells, oocyst sporozoite

Toxoplasma gondii

Plasmodium berghei

Plasmodium knowlesi

Plasmodium yoelii

  • PY00454 (PLP1) MAC/Perforin domain, putative
  • PY00409 (MTIP) myosin A tail domain interacting protein MTIP
  • PY01232 (MyoA) myosin A
  • PY03168 (CS, CSP, S2) circumsporozoite protein
  • PY04986 (USO3) 250-270 copies of a 13 AA repeat, NSSTPITSSSIL
  • PY03052 (TRAP) sporozoite surface protein 2 precursor
  • PY06644 (enolase) enolase
  • PY07092 (TRSP) hypothetical protein
  • PY00204 (S3, UIS4) hypothetical protein
  • PY03011 (S7) early transcribed membrane protein family
  • PY00414 (2-Cys Prx) thioredoxin peroxidase 1
  • PY00819 (PDH E1a) pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 alpha subunit
  • PY00573 (PDH E3) dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase
  • PY03846 (FabI) enoyl-acyl carrier reductase

Babesia bovis

  • BBOV_I003060 (MSA-1) merozoite surface antigen-1 (MSA-1)
  • BBOV_I003010 (MSA-2a1) merozoite surface antigen-2a1 (MSA-2a1)
  • BBOV_I003000 (MSA-2a2) merozoite surface antigen-2a2 (MSA-2a2)
  • BBOV_I002990 (MSA-2b) merozoite surface antigen-2b (MSA-2b)
  • BBOV_I003020 (MSA-2c) merozoite surface antigen-2c (MSA-2c)

Cryptosporidium parvum

  • cgd6_1080 (gp40/15, gp15, gp-15, GP15, GP40, gp40) conserved hypothetical protein
  • cgd3_2180 (FAS1 Type I) type I fatty acid synthase
  • cgd8_4740 (SFP-PPT, PPTase) phosphopantetheinyl transferase
  • cgd6_4840 (SUB1) serine protease, subtilase family, signal peptide
  • cgd4_2900 (PKS1) polyketide synthase
  • cgd6_4970 (n60, Cpn60, Hsp60) Hsp60; GroEL-like chaperone (ATpase), predicted mitochondrial
  • cgd1_3500 (TRAP-C1) thrombospondin related adhesive protein
  • cgd6_780 (MIC1, TSP8) CpTSP8,predicted extracellular protein with 3 TSP1 repeats, an EGF domain and a C-terminal transmembrane domain. adjacent TSP domain containing gene.
  • cgd6_5410 (CP2) signal peptide plus thr stretch, charged repeats, likely mucin
  • cgd1_3530 (Gbp) Gbp1/Gbp2p-like, putative single stranded G-strand telomeric DNA-binding protein
  • cgd7_1730 (a135) CpCCp1/Cpa135
  • cgd7_4020 (GP900, gp900) cryptopsoridial mucin, large thr stretch, signal peptide sequence
  • cgd2_70 (ABC2) ABC transporter, with 12 x transmembrane domains and 2x AAA domains
  • cgd1_700 (ABC, ABC1) ATP-binding cassette protein
  • cgd3_3440 (-mtHSP70) heat shock protein HSP70, mitochondrial
  • cgd4_2720 (ATPase1) P-type ATpase involved in cation transport
  • cgd4_690 (PNO) pyruvate:ferredoxin oxidoreductase/NADPH-cytochrome P450 reductase PNO
  • cgd4_2330 (CP12) hypothetical protein
  • cgd6_2330 (p30) hypothetical protein with signal peptide
  • cgd6_2090 (COWP-190, COWP, COWP1) CpCOWP1, oocyst wall protein with type I and type II cysteine-rich repeats

Plasmodium falciparum

  • PF13_0201 (TRAP, SSP2) sporozoite surface protein 2
  • PF07_0006 (STARP) sporozoite threonine and asparagine-rich protein
  • PFE0830c (MB2) sporozoite surface antigen MB2
  • PF10_0153 (Cpn60, Hsp60, hsp60) heat shock protein 60
  • PFB0570w (SPATR) secreted protein altered thrombospondin repeat protein
  • MAL7P1.92 (CRMP2) cysteine repeat modular protein 2
  • PF14_0443 (CEN2) centrin-2
  • PF11_0344 (AMA-1, AMA1) apical membrane antigen 1
  • PFC0210c (CS) circumsporozoite (CS) protein

Plasmodium gallinaceum

  • DQ068022 (SES) gi|68521875|gb|DQ068022.1| Plasmodium gallinaceum SES mRNA, complete cds
  • AY775165 (Pg93) gi|58465290|gb|AY775165.1| Plasmodium gallinaceum Pg93 mRNA, partial cds

Plasmodium malariae

  • J03992 (CS) gi|160220|gb|J03992.1|PFACSPG Plasmodium malariae (clone 255A) circumsporozoite protein (CSP) gene, complete cds

Eimeria tenella

  • AJ306453 (MIC4) gi|187340650|emb|AJ306453.2| Eimeria tenella mRNA for microneme protein 4 (mic4 gene)
  • EU093966 (MIC1) gi|156257451|gb|EU093966.1| Eimeria tenella microneme 1 precursor, mRNA, partial cds
  • AJ245536 (MIC5) gi|5708121|emb|AJ245536.1| Eimeria tenella mRNA for microneme protein 5 (mic-5 gene)
  • Z71755 (MIC2) gi|209414697|emb|Z71755.2| Eimeria tenella mRNA for acidic microneme protein precursor, clone Etmic-2
  • AY512381 (MIC3) gi|40549146|gb|AY512381.1|AY512381S1 Eimeria tenella microneme protein MIC3 gene, partial cds
  • AY566297 (ENR) gi|50295339|gb|AY566297.1| Eimeria tenella enoyl-acyl carrier reductase (ENR) mRNA, complete cds
  • AJ586531 (SAG1) gi|38602660|emb|AJ586531.2| Eimeria tenella mRNA for surface antigen 1 (sag1 gene)
  • AJ586543 (SAG13) gi|37699787|emb|AJ586543.1| Eimeria tenella mRNA for surface antigen 13 (sag13 gene)
  • AF042329 (Hsp90) gi|2792526|gb|AF042329.1| Eimeria tenella heat shock protein 90 (hsp90) mRNA, complete cds
  • AF353515 (Enolase) gi|13774514|gb|AF353515.1| Eimeria tenella enolase mRNA, complete cds